What we stand for


Handcraft – For almost half a century this has been the trademark of our bika candles. It is a conscious choice to handcraft our candles because this hides the secret of their beauty and elegance. One will recognize the artisanal aspect in every step of the production process.


Expressive colorsOur knowledge of colors and familiarity with combining colorants results in a distinguished range of colors and nuances. We are proud to offer you the most extensive spectrum of colors on the market.


Blooming candles – Our focus on the artisan makes for an elegant, high-quality candle. Bika candles are sober at the start but surprise you as they are multifaceted and unpredictable. Being colored thoroughly in their whole, the candles burn for a long time and 'blooms' as they burn. 


Quality - We strictly monitor the quality of our candles.  We start by only working with the very best raw materials (this for all paraffin waxes, colorants, and candle wicks). Above all that our eye for detail makes for thorough quality checks and results in a perfectly finished product. 

Original candles  - Our handmade candles are produced in our workshop in Ghent. You are welcome to visit us to see how we prepare the cauldrons with paraffin wax, mix the colors, and pour the melted wax into the forms by hand with care and precision. The composition of different types of paraffin along with pouring technique gives each bika candle its own unique look.  

Handmade in Belgium - Since 2010 bika candles were crowned with a Belgian award for their excellent craftsmanship and outstanding quality. In 2012 we were rewarded with the authenticity label HIB - Handmade in Belgium.