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Handmade elegance

Bika candles

Denmark 1969 - Ingrid Buytaert starts to produce candles. Known under the name bika, the next decennia they are mainly distributed in Belgium and the Netherlands. In 2005, I, Inge-Lise, Ingrid's daughter, take over the helm. The company behind the bika candles is from then on known as ilyvero. 

Maria Buytaert Kerzen

In the meantime, Ingrid's sister, Maria, started her own production of candles in Germany. Under the name Maria Buytaert Kerzen she aimed for the German market. This summer she decided to retire and trusted me with the future production of her candles. 

Ilyvero bvba

The two lines now intersect and stay within the family. The quality of our candles is equal, only the looks differ. Bika candles have a flake-like structured surface, this look softens up the colors delicately. Maria Buytaert Kerzen have a smoother surface, this results in an intense bright depth of colors.